1 rsz_icons-previewDevelop pro game techniques and habits
One of the key ways to excel at anything in life is repetition, which is the manner that game Rob Dye Skills Training is presented. The techniques learned will be practiced repeatedly but incorporated into a series of games and drills in order to keep it fun while at the same time become second nature.

2 rsz_1icons-previewWhat will be taught
The basic fundamentals including ball handling, shooting, passing and footwork for offense and defense. One on one moves to immediately add to ones game. More advanced kids will be taught how to make tough shows; how to read/draw double teams; how to read and set screens and develop decision making. All of these things cannot be taught in one session so it is advisable to take repeated sessions.

3 rsz_2icons-previewWhat you can expect
Nothing comes easy in life and basketball is no different. you can expect to see a dramatic change in your skills provided you come with a positive attitude, a willingness to work hard, and a desire to learn new things.

4 rsz_3icons-previewWho can join
Boys and Girls ages 8 and up. Participants will be placed with groups based on their skill level, not age.


5 rsz_4icons-previewWhat you need to bring
A good attitude, a water bottle, and a small notebook. The notebook is to chart shots so that we can keep track of your improvement, as well as to take notes on various techniques.

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